21 March 2009

Still Fishing After All These Years

2009 started out great, but the last two weeks we have begun to see things slow down with our existing clients as a result of the economic shitstorm we are facing.

On the plus side, we have managed to secure some great new clients and interest in our boutique creative shop is still growing.

This doesn't change the fact that most of the world is grinding to a spending halt.

However, I believe we are in a good position to weather the storm, our pricing is still well below the majority of competing advertising agencies and we operate very efficiently. We are diverse in offering and skilled at all - we can take on most any project that is thrown our way and we make things happen.

In addition, we have a solid reputation in the marketplace and finding new customers has never been hard. We will still be picky about the jobs we do, but we will be actively looking for work - which is a first since 1997, when my first shingle was hung.

When this turmoil is through, I think we'll see not only the strong survive, but the innovative and adaptive as well. The things we did 6 months ago will likely not pay the bills 6 months from now. Change is always inevitable, but the change we will see over the next year will not be subtle or kind. The strategy is to be strategic. Long term plans are out the window, the new reality is short term plans with long term goals.

Bob Dylan was a genius when he predicted this: "...the times they are a changing." How could he have known about this over 40 years ago?

So, here we are, back into problem solving mode, where change has forced us to go back to providing even more creative ideas and focusing on what we are best at; results. Isn't this what our clients are looking for anyways?

Alfred E. Newman said it best, "What, me worry?"

We have an awesome group of staff, I didn't just hire them to make me look good, I hired them to make our clients look good - and they never disappoint.

So, no, I'm not worried, I'm excited about the coming months, it's not going to be an easy go, but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger... well, except for maybe mononucleosis.

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