17 January 2009

Comments Please

I've been blogging for a couple of years now. I really enjoy it, even though it does take time, a lot more time than you may think. Blogging on some subjects helps me to think through issues or ideas that are on my plate at the office and allows me to process and analyze my thoughts. This process is relaxing, therapeutic and often gives me some clear resolve.

Lately, I've noticed a drop in the amount of comments that my posts are getting. By drop I mean from a few to none. This is a bit discouraging in that I enjoy reading them and the interaction helps me to understand and hear different viewpoints.

I know that people are reading the blog, because I installed Google Analytics and the readership of my blog has increased steadily over the last two years, and continues to grow. Now, we're not talking about thousands of people a day, but certainly thousands of people since I started back in 2006.

In fact, let me share some statistics with you - 50% of my traffic comes from new users (this means I have some regulars that read the blog), 1.75 pages viewed per visit (this is great - people are digging past the first 4 or 5 articles on the main page), 2.11 minutes average time on site (this is huge - in fact, nearly all the sites we build achieve this type of interest - average is less than 30 seconds), 75% bounce rate (this is not good - I think this is traffic coming through the "next blog' feature on the top of the page, a random drop courtesy of Blogger). As far as traffic goes, I'm getting about 25 people a week, sometimes more, not too often is it less.

Overall, the stats are good - I built it, people came... but, they are silent.

There's a few possibilities as to why I'm not getting comments; My articles are uninteresting and not worth commenting on, they're so conclusive and informative that comments are pointless, they're irrelevant and don't warrant a comment, my blogs attract the wrong people and they don't read them, only my kids are reading the articles and they don't know how to respond yet, or people are just lazy or busy (or both, like me) and can't be bothered with commenting, my blogs are too esoteric or not esoteric enough to be commented on... everyone has their reasons.

What I'm looking for is some feedback as to how I can increase the comments and/or interaction. What subjects/topics/areas of marketing/advertising/promotion are you interested in reading? Would a more interactive comments area be better? Do you have any suggestions to better this blog?

Your feedback is always appreciated (unless you're trying to sell timeshares) and I look forward to it.

Don't worry, if you are part of the silent majority and just like to read along and not comment, this blog will continue, comments or not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I appreciate your insights into marketing and advertising - keep it up.

2/11/2009 08:23:00 AM  

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