04 January 2009

New Years' Promise

In December, the Alberta Chamber of Commerce announced that we were  one of three finalists for the Alberta Marketing Awards of Distinction.

As you can imagine, we were pretty excited about the news - and what made it equally thrilling is that one of our good clients, Spindle, Stairs & Railings, is also a finalist. 

So, that means we have a 2 out of 3 chance of winning the award based on work that we've been a part of.

We plan to use this news in our marketing going forward, as every business up for an award should. Anytime you are written up in the news, mentioned in an article or announced as a finalist for an award you need to tell people about it, even other media - if you're not doing this, you clearly don't understand marketing.

I see many opportunities for 2009 and will try to take the doom and gloom outlook the media portrays with a grain of salt... or turn to the back page where the awards announcements are - that's where the good reading is.


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