20 November 2008

5th Year Celebration

So, today we celebrated our 5th year in business. It's hard to believe that 5 years has gone by already, I mean, it was just 5 years ago.

We have grown steadily and continue to grow, despite the economic winter outside our door. Our client list continues to grow and mature with us - we have incredible retention rates and enjoy working with all of our clients.

We have also been fortunate to retain most of our staff, having only one person leave us in our 5 year history - not including the summer student that didn't really leave us so much as she was forced back into school. This speaks volumes to the work that we do - every staff member has the opportunity to work on some really cool projects from start to finish.

The very talented staff at Francomedia.com has enabled the growth of the company by learning and adapting with each and every project and for this I could not be more proud. With the huge resource of talent we have, there is quite simply nothing we can't do.

Looking forward at the next 5 years... it's hard to say exactly what will come, but if history repeats itself, we should see more growth, more exciting projects and a lot more fun!


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