20 October 2008

Not the Man You'd Expect

Recently, our creative agency has been getting a lot of visits to our new web site and of course we track this quite regularly and found that a lot of people as of late have reached out site by searching my name on search engines. I thought this was a result of all the great work we've done and all the media attention that we've received the last month.

So, I did a vanity search to see just what people were seeing when they typed my name into various search engines. I had no idea there were so many Kevin Francos out there. There are quite a few.

There is one in particular however, that I think I can attribute all of the extra site traffic to - DEFINITELY NOT ME!. I might also add that in no way am I related to any other Kevin Franco on the web, especially not this clown.

There you go - another way to increase your web site traffic - become infamous, even if it's not you doing it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're definitely not that Kevin.

1) He has a better haircut.

2) You'd do something more creative than use tape.


10/25/2008 12:45:00 PM  

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