19 July 2008

ARGH! Update on Game II

I've been found.

Players of the ARG have tracked me through a simple Google search. Pretty dumb move on my part - put a link to the game on my blog - good one, dummy. On the plus side the one person that reads my blog will have gone to the ARG site and given us a unique visit, although I don't think my mom is into ARG's.

Anyways, I'm about as happy about it as the players in the game are. They like the mechanics of the game hidden, and I can appreciate that. But, seeing as how it will take about 3 - 4 weeks to take down the cached files of my blog I don't see much point in doing it.

So, if you are a player in the ARG, sorry. Also, you will not find any clues in the blog, again, sorry. It was not meant to be found, nor a part of the game in any way. If you are interested in the mechanical side or puppet-mastery side of the game, stay tuned as I will be putting a lot of the details up after the Node ARG is complete.

As we develop future ARGs we will ensure that the curtain is securely fastened.

Many players have also figured out who the client is and their whereabouts - cool, doesn't mean the missions and challenges can't be enjoyed by people that are not within close proximity to the location. And, because of the international play on the ARG, we have restructured the rewards so that any player in the game can take part in the prizes.

Keep your stick on the ice, there's still another period to play.


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