14 June 2008

ARGH! Update on Game I

Well, our ARG is still picking up momentum and we have several hundred people from all over the world taking part which is really exciting.

We have sent out three missions now - the third was a fun one! We were criticized for making the puzzles too easy on the first two missions, which we had to in order for us to get as many people playing as we could. Our plan was that once we got rolling, we would escalate the challenges and only the dedicated (and smartest) would stick it through to the end.

Our third puzzle included asking people to find a lost agent and make friends with him (we hid him on facebook - an easy find) but, we through in a twist... the agent sent an encrypted message back to the players... which took the entire community about 3 days to figure out (many agents worked together, which was really cool to watch play out). The people that play these ARG's are very cooperative and smart. We used an easy grid type code which we thought would take a few hours to crack, but the players were really over thinking it... it was fun.

So, in one of the forums they have found some cached pages from the start up blog and have figured out what type of company it is behind it all. I hope it doesn't deter people from playing the game, because it's gonna be a lot of fun. I mean, what the hell? It's a free game, it's fun, and there will be prizes at the end.

What's really been interesting is seeing other people build web sites, post blogs, post vlogs and chat about something we've created. It's like creating a reality show, and even though I despise reality shows on TV, I can't stop my self from watching this one play out.

We've completed the next 3 weeks missions - they are tough - the creative is top notch and compelling. So far, the execution has been a bit glitchy with the second mission going out a day or two late, and the third mission being sent out accidentally a day early by the server - would not have been a problem had we posted all our files, but we are on a time-release system. Players are very smart and will find things if they are posted before they are meant to be found.

So, stay tuned for more updates.


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