20 March 2008

Spring has Sprung!

How many retail flyers and ads will have that dreadful title or heading this year? It's the first day of spring and what is supposed to be a time when things are fresh and anew.

Spring has Sprung and I think I'm gonna puke.

Let's think outside of the carton on this one shall we? Does the time of year really impact how the consumer interacts with your brand - if so, then tie it in - if not, then how is it relevant? Don't use seasons in your marketing unless it pertains to your brand or how it influences your customer to react to your brand.

Spring cleaning sale - this makes sense as consumers do the bulk of their in-depth home cleaning when the weather warms up.
Spring electronics sale - this makes no sense, electronics sale yes, but there's no rational tie in to a season, so why?

Retailers can drill down even further for irrelevant tie ins - how about time? I think the 'happy hour toy sale' would go over huge.

Here's the bottom line: think about what you're putting into print, make it relevant to your customers, make it real and make sense. Customers respond to offers and information they can understand, not drivel. Unless of course you are promoting reality TV, then you can bank on it.


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