17 February 2009

Marketing in Las Vegas

Leaving for Las Vegas in a couple of days... I enjoy the absurdness of this weird and tacky place and try to check my conscience at the boarding gate on departure.

There is no place on earth (that I've heard of) quite like Las Vegas, everything is done to extreme. It's extravagant, wasteful, reckless, care-free, casual, exploiting, unnecessary, immature, racy, ludicrous, seedy, flashy, dangerous, unnatural, fake, delusional, perverse, tempting, profane, chaotic, aberrant, ferocious and carnal.

And I love it.

The part I love best is they market these 'features', these differences, these experiences for what they are. It's Sin City after all, and you've got a lot to live up to with a name like that. Remember, you can't fake different.

There is no more profound experience than Las Vegas. And, it is exactly what's promised by the advertising. They create and set the expectation and deliver by the plane load.

I will take with me a voracious appetite for the things hinted at above and a giant note pad.

What can I say, I appreciate (and succumb to) great marketing.



Blogger Kevin Franco said...

If I learned anything from the marketers in Las Vegas; SIZE MATTERS!

Nothing is subtle, nothing is done on a small scale, In Canada, wide format printers will cover your businesses front windows or wrap your vehicle... in Vegas, they wrap entire buildings.

It's huge, taken to a whole new level.

3/02/2009 09:52:00 PM  

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