13 December 2009

Dog Tired

At the end of every December I swear I'm never going to do it again... be that busy, I mean. December is a crazy time around our office and each year it get's stupider and stupider.

I used to really enjoy December and the lead up to xmas, but the last few years have left me too busy to think about much else other than what needs to get done. December 25 is just another deadline in the schedule and it's a flippin' stat - so we got one less day to completion. It always leaves me dog tired.

We have a few retail clients, and one might think they are keeping us busy, truth is, they're too busy to call us in December. Our retail customers were on the phone with us throughout the fall so that things were in place for December, which is great.

You see, the last few years, most of our calls come from new customers looking to get things started for January. I guess the prospect of a new year and another fresh start is just too much to resist when launching a new product, brand or company. It's cool, I get it - in fact, I did the exact same when I launched Francomedia - so I'm not criticizing, I just needed a topic for my blog.

This is good news for us because January can sometimes be a slow month - but trying to get several large projects and web sites all launched for the same time period does present some problems when you have a finite number of staff and hours. But, we won't complain. Being busy is a good thing, and it's a great way to start off the year.

To add to our misery, and by misery I mean our busy-ness, we decided not to send out xmas cards this year and to do something digital. Doesn't sound like much, but while this would show our clients what our capabilities are on the digital side, it has to be done right - and by that I mean it will take a lot of our precious time, at a time when we have no time. We have to though, xmas comes but once a year and saying thanks to our clients is important - even if it means a lot of extra effort on our end.

So, we'll see what December brings this year; it looks like lot's of work, so much that I'll likely miss out again on that child like excitement with my thoughts buried in the worry that we won't get everything done in time.

I'll do it again this year, but I'm not going to do it again...

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