05 December 2009

Xmas is Coming!

It's been a long year...

It's just under 4 weeks until the big day we all call Xmas and I've got a problem with the whole event, OK..., not the event itself, just the name. And, it's not a problem so much as it's an inconvenience, you see, my keyboard is broken and does not allow me to type the letter X. One of the key letters in the name Xmas.

Even though X is the third most rarely used letter in the English language, it is problematic for me when I work from home. At this time of year with all the festivities surrounding the season, one can understand my dilemma. It takes me great effort to type an X, well..., I can't type it, I have to have one in copied my pasteboard and then paste it in where needed.

If you know me at all, you know I like to wish people the best of the season, and I also like brevity, the word Xmas allows me to do both at the same time, which brings me much joy.

Even e-mails to loved ones are signed only with kisses now, no hugs, which is sometimes misunderstood and considered creepy by some.

Long term I believe this must be resolved, perhaps a new keyboard on my Xmas list... it's been months since I've been able to visit any websites with XXX in the url and this is unacceptable.

This year, it is a struggle to communicate without an X and when doing so, is very labour intensive. So, if you receive correspondence from me while I am working from my home computer and do not get a "Merry Xmas" salutation, please understand that I am merely trying to be efficient and not rude.

All the best of the season and merry Xmas to all.

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