18 August 2009

Overwhelming Summer

Lately, I've had so much on my mind and nothing to say.

It's been over a month since my last posting and I feel bad about it, but hey... it's summer and a guy's allowed to kick back once in a while and take a much needed break.

So, let's recap the summer so far:

4 golf games (2 tournaments, 1 absolute blast)
9 hockey games (7 wins, 2 losses)
12 days over 30º
22 days under 20º
2 stampede parties
1 week on Vancouver Island
3742 kms
1 garage cleaning
3 lawn mowings
Countless rain showers
Countless beers

I plan on getting back to writing in September... I will have lots to write about, I had better, I got a whole book to fill.

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