15 September 2010

England Vacation Part 19

September 15, 2010

A bright sunny morning - off to the train station to see some more of London.

Our first stop for the day was the blue tour around London, we ventured around and saw some neat things mostly expensive shops and car dealerships (Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin and more) we couldn't resist, so we got off at Harrod's.

Harrod's is a landmark, it's London's Macys. There are 6 floors and the store is about one large city block in size. It is cut up into departments and each one has several staff and beautiful displays. The Egyptian hall was stunning, as were the Egyptian escalators, I should have photographed it, but was being distracted by the kids.

One walk through this store with 3 kids is enough to end a vacation.

The sports department was quite interesting, I've never seen an actual Polo section in a sporting goods store before, but there it was complete with cool brushes for your horsey. They even had a skiing department. Found a nice set of custom skis for 2775 pounds... that's $4400 canuck bucks. Most every department had specialized merchandise like that, I mean they also had Rosignol and other main brands. But, I didn't go to Harrod's for that now, did I?

I packed a light bag for the trip in hopes to buy some clothes, was even hoping to get a nice set of boots from Churches. So far, I've got two lousy t-shirts - I don't expect to get much else. Next time.

The city is pretty exciting right now as they prepare for the pope's visit tomorrow. A lot of controversy too judging from the papers... one of the big hat wearers from the vatican called London a 3rd world country. I guess when Atheism is growing in popularity in England and your mixed up in paedophile scandal, you have to fight back with something to avert the attention... sticks and stones, eh? The security is increasing immensely with barricades going up every where. Not sure how it's going to affect our journeys tomorrow, but it should be exciting to see the chaos regardless.

The national gallery was our last stop of the day and what a treat to see some Renoir, Van Gogh and Monet paintings. They are stunning, could have spent the day in there, but art wasn't on the itinerary of the junior members of our entourage. Next time.

The kids are burning off steam in the pool as I write this, well two of them are, the third is locked up in the tower dungeon for the night.

Until next time.


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