11 September 2010

England Vacation Part 16

September 11, 2010

Left the Shropshires for London. A two and a half hour drive, over some beautiful country. A quick stop for some KFC got us charged up part way through.

We were greeted with a traffic jam. It took us quite a while to get through to the city, but we did it - saw the Sega office, it was cool, a great big Sonic on the side - we saw the coolest Audi and Mercedes dealerships and lot's and lot's of traffic.

Driving in London is an experience. Not necessarily one you need on your bucket list though. Holy shit. I lost track of how many times a two lane road switched to a single lane without warning. Not that I missed it, there is no warning. If you drive here a lot, you just get used to it I'm told. Phew. It's insane, it's like New York city if you added scooters to the mix.

Finally had a good meal, we went to Harvesters, looks to be a franchise outfit, but they have good food. And I had fish with no chips... it was Salmon, not Cod, and there were greens (finally) not f'ing french fries again. I think I've gained 20lbs on this trip, it may not be fair to blame the chips though, I have had one or two beers (with each meal).

Tomorrow we're off to see London. Can't wait.



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