03 May 2007

Trailer For Sale

How hard can it be to sell a trailer? I mean, c'mon - I posted on craigslist, put an ad in the bargain finder (print and online) and told a couple of people. What more do I have to do. I wished I knew someone in advertising...

Ok, here's the pitch: 2001 Flagstaff Tent Trailer - owned since new, it's in pristine condition. Never smoked in, cooked in or even eaten in. The brakes have never been used, the stove has never been used and the roof was replaced two years ago (courtesy of numerous hail stones). In addition to that it's been parked indoors for the last 2.5 years.

So, we have a long weekend just around the corner and I'm getting few bites.... probably because my pricing strategy is a bit different from the norm - I'm asking $6k and I am firm on it. Most people would list at $6500 and give some negotiatiing room - I really don't like playing those games so I put my price at where I want it. Is that so wrong?

I really want to be able to put both our cars into the garage again... can someone please buy my trailer???



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