13 February 2008

A Watched Pot Does Boil

Don't be afraid to stand back and let your marketing do what it was designed to do.

Often times marketing plans are made over several weeks of careful planning only to have it changed mid-stream by someone impatient in waiting for it to 'boil'. If you've done your homework and spent the time in putting together a logical and creative plan - you need to sit back and let it work... it will boil.

I'm not saying you have to do Ronco's 'set it and forget it' - you do have to keep a mindful eye on how your plans unfold, I'm just saying to be patient and let the plans do what they were meant to do.

Hours of preparation will always shine through... stirring the water won't make it boil any faster.

However, there are times when you need to start another pot of water all together... sometimes with the aid of a microwave.

Happy cooking.

02 February 2008

Oakley Meeting Minutes

Dan (VP Sales): We need something edgy, something that will keep Oakley in the forefront of fashion and on the leading edge of sports related apparel.

Steve (VP Marketing): We've exhausted all channels Dan, we're trying some new sunglass designs that are really going to kick some butt in the semi-affluent markets.

Dan: We need more than a new design on an old product - we need something completely different, Steve.

Mike (Creative Director): Dan, are you saying we need to create something nobody has ever seen before?

Dan: That's exactly what we need Mike.

Mike: What, like a strap on leather helmut like hat with long leather dreadlocks hanging off of it?

Dan: Yeah, and the chin strap could be a motorcycle helmut type latch... can you build it in black?

Steve: Are you guys serious?

Mike: We could also attach eyelets and snaps so customers can customize and add attachments to the head gear.

Dan: Cool, we could charge a fortune for something so original... how about $600 for a starting price?

Steve and Mike: Good idea!

Me: WTF?

Maybe I will address the topic of knowing your customer in another blog... right now, I've got nothing... I'm speechless.

*DISCLAIMER: the names, places and commentary have been changed (and made up) to protect the innocent, any chance that these words, people, places or commentary collided in the manner laid out above is purely coincidence and would really blow my mind.