08 July 2012


I used to really enjoy writing. Hmm, never really looked at myself as a writer, not seriously. The truth is though, that I looked forward to finding something interesting to dissect, praise, laugh about, at, with - all through my blog. But, the last year has truly been one of the most challenging (and exciting) times in my life and I haven't been able to find the time for my bi-weekly sit down with a coffee and my thoughts.

Just as well, as most writing, I found out from the print world, gets recycled and turned into pulp for another writer to take a stab at it. I suppose the blog is just a way for me to archive my thoughts before they hit the shredder.

Launching a new business while still running an existing one - what the hell was I thinking?

Luckily, we're part way through the launch of Enthrill's retail ebook gift card program and we've learned so much! I firmly believe this is going to be one hell of a great product/company - at every turn, we've planned for success and built to scale. The past couple of months we've ramped up our staff, surrounding ourselves with some incredible people that will take our concept to the next level. Hoping this talented group of book and technology lovers can obsess over our product the way that I have for the past 20 months.

Who knows, maybe I can get back to writing the occasional blog? I'd like that.

Note - I took the photo at the distribution centre that sends out the Enthrill ebook retail cards to retail stores in Western Canada.

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