27 August 2010

England Vacation Part 1

Here I am, about to fly over Hudson Bay, listening to Blue Oyster Cult at 11277 meters over the earth. Directly below my plane is where thousands of people fly every year to see polar bears scavenge for food in the Churchill town dump. I mean see them in the wild. We're traveling at 1010kms per hour. Man, I wish we were on the ground doing that speed.

Traveling with kids is a challenge for anyone, they are as excited about the pending adventure as us grown ups, but they have a different way of showing it. They don't listen to Blue Oyster Cult in quiet reflection for one. They tend to be more physical and audible about their excitement.

There's a lot to think about when traveling, with 3 kids and two adults you must have 5 boarding passes ready, 5 passports open and all 5 people together... sounds not too bad, but we've got some pretty independent kids and like their father, aren't necessarily conformists if you know what I mean.

So, three kids all marching to their own drummer. One heavy metal, one pop and one Punk. OK, maybe all Punk, but three radically different bands. Going anywhere with my kids without attracting attention is unheard of.

My daughter, who I love to bits wants to sit next to her dad, which I love. My youngest son, who couldn't contain his excitement with any amount of ridalin has been pretty good so far and my oldest son is steady as usual, he is so grounded for his age. I love my kids.

So, we're about to fly over Hudsons Bay, a large bay by any standards. Looking at the screen on the back of the chair in front of me, Hudsons Bay looks like a large meteor landing spot than anything else. So many explorers struggled through that region over the years, and when you think of us flying over the same area so effortlessly really makes you appreciate technology. Well, this iPad doesn't hurt either.

OK. we're over water. Canada is so big. So immense, so open and uninhabited. I love that part of it. The fact that we're not stacked upon each other. The fact that there's room for two massive SUV's for every one of us is comforting.

In another hour or so, we will be flying over Greenland. Is that a continent? I don't have Google up here, so I'm half as smart as when I'm land based. Then Iceland. One thing that's always amused me is that Iceland is green, while Greenland is ice.

Anyways, that's our first part of the journey. If I get time, I'll post some more later.



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