01 October 2021

Debut Album - The Muster Point Project

  1. Control of at All   3:32
  2. Time to Go   4:29
  3. The Storm   3:33
  4. Stop Running   3:05
  5. Darkness Falls   4:57
  6. It's Gonna Be Gone   4:27
  7. Protest Song   3:50
  8. Rise Up   6:47
  9. Hockey Theme Song   2:26

My first full album, 9 songs, all original compositions. First single released in June and put 9 songs together in just 3 months - I can work pretty quickly without other musicians or a producer... the trade off is the songs sound OK, but not great. But for a debut album, I'm pretty happy with the results.

This album is available on 8-Track cassette, no shit. 

Here are the tracks:

Control of at all - Just a song about wrong relationships then finding the right person. 

Time to Go - Just a breakup song, with musical confusion as a chorus.

The Storm - Everything will be alright in the end. Featuring Anastasia Kareva on background vocals.

Stop Running - Face your problems. Featuring Damiano Della Torre on the accordion.

Darkness Falls - Another song without a musical chorus - a song about getting old and then finally, when least exptected meeting 'the one'. 

It's Gonna Be Gone - Take your chances while you can. 

Protest Song - Fed up with the state of things, time to take action. 

Rise Up - A song about a dream and a long guitar solo, the latter came true.

Hockey Theme Song - A song to play in the dressing room to pump up the team, or to put on your beer league highlight reel.

Lyrics, instruments, vocals and production: Kevin Franco
Accordion: Damiano Della Torre
Background vocals on The Storm: Anastasia Kareva
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©2021 Francomedia


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