04 October 2010

It's Different in Our Industry

When I hear people tell me 'it's different in our industry' or 'marketing doesn't work for my business' I know right away that they don't understand marketing. At all.

And, It makes me cringe. With that perception, they've already closed their mind to ideas and any chance of putting a proper plan in place for their marketing.

My all time favourite line was, "Marketing doesn't work for us, we have to develop relationships with our customers." Um, yeah, ...that sounds so different from every other company that I deal with... (read with sarcastic tone)

The principals of marketing are the same whether you are selling silicone for space shuttle door hatch screw holders or groceries. The only things that change are the ideas and the method to deliver them.

You have to identify who you are trying to reach and what will reach them. Understanding your customer is critical if you are to market to them. If there is a buyer or user of your service, there is a way to reach him/her - that's the function of marketing.

I know, it's a short posting, but things are different in my industry.

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