26 April 2008

Lazyboy... I Ain't Talking About the Brand

Confucious said, do everything with all of your heart. At least I think it was Confucious, but maybe it was my father.

One thing that really bothers me is laziness. I can't stand it, makes me cringe. Luckily, I don't experience people with that particular attribute that often. Through careful planning or just blind luck, I have managed to surround myself with dedicated staff, suppliers, clients and friends. They seem to always put their heart into whatever they set forward to do.

Over the years I have encountered lazy people though. We all have, it's frustrating.

Lazy people are not passionate. People that are passionate about what they do inspire me and remind me that what we do is important. Caring about your work and what you do is as important as the work itself.

Passionate people are not lazy, and do not take short cuts... unless they're impatient.

I've always viewed short cuts as a quick method to achieve long term failure. I've never looked at short term gain as a way to do things, because the things we do today effect us one month, six months or a year or two down the line. Taking the time to do things right will always payoff, sometimes it's just not realized until much later.

When it comes to your advertising, marketing, branding or your customer experience don't look for the things that are going to give you immediate success, but rather the things that will provide you with lasting impact. Don't be lazy with your brand. Nurture it, feed it and raise it as one of your own.

Do the right things for the right reasons and keep doing them. Success will come, as will customers that want to be a part of your genuine experience. Be passionate.