30 June 2007


Can me be the only person on the planet that is tired of seeing 'i' infront of every word/product/service.

Me gets it though, the 'i' means hip, tech saavy, new, apple compatible, electronic, computer accessory - or whatever you want to make it. It's getting so last decade, me can't believe nobody has started the alphanumeric charge on product names yet - you can bet that some b45t4rd will.

Don't know about you, but me plans on getting the new phone from Apple, at least me thinks me will. It depends on the service agreement and a few other minor details... but for the most part, me thinks it's a go.

Me could use a new ipod - my first gen 5gb ipod has served me well - still works good for about 1 hour at a time on battery.

Me can't wait to termintate my agreement with Telus, which comes up at the end of July (good timing, eh?). The only thing me is going to dread about cancelling my existing service is the fact that me will have to be on hold for about 30 minutes and talk to seven different people - Telus does not get customer service. When me was with Fido everything was great except for their coverage, which has now been corrected - Fido gets customer service (for a cell company).

So, that's my June blog.

"i just believe in me" - John Lennon